Losing Skills

Observation 1:
Lyn needed to run hot water into something.  After letting the water run for about 3 minutes, she said "Something's wrong.  The water isn't hot."  Mom went to see.  On the way to the kitchen sink, she realized she had heard this before.  Lyn had the faucet handle turned as far to the the right as possible.  She had it on cold.  Mom asked her which way was hot and she gave The Look while stating that she knew what she was doing.  Mom just reached over, turned it to the left.  Viola-in just a moment it began to get warm.  Mom got The Look again before she walked away.

Observation 2:
Last year, when the neurologist heard that Lyn didn't know how to run the washing machine any more, he suggested that she just needed to be retaught.  Since then, Mom has been trying to reteach Lyn how to it.  She would show Lyn how to measure the soap.  Lyn would then be given a chance to try.  Next would come the step of setting the machine to the starting position.  Mom would put her finger next to the position and ask Lyn to turn the nob until the arrow pointed at it.  Lyn would start turning the knob.  After she made three complete rotations or so, she would look to Mom like "What now?"  Mom would stop her and put the knob into position.  If she asked Lyn to start the machine, Lyn didn't know what to do.  They have been trying to relearn this skill for several months with several repeated attempts each week.  It is not getting any better.  So, Mom has decided to call a stop to the lessons.  There is no retention and this skill really is lost despite what the neurologist suggested.


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