She Wants to Remember

Lyn wants to remember what is happening in her life.  Mom writes:

She said she wanted to find her purple notebook and wanted me to write something like I did before.  She has had me write 3 times, 3 different days, about what she did that day.  She found her notebook and asked if I could write something.  I printed a couple of sentences of going to the dentist and pro-shops looking for bowling shoes.  Also noted her scores.  Her bowling scores for this week were 92 and 126.  She got a Turkey in the 10th frame which is how that 126 came about.  She's proud of herself.

Handed it back and she said "This really helps me remember."  She would make an outsider think she can read.  She said she thinks we should do it each day.  I said that would be ok but I know she won't ask again for some time.  Yes, I know it makes no sense but what would you do?

To which I respond:  Just what you did.  I'd honor her request and write something in her notebook.  It doesn't matter that she can't read it.  What matters is that she asked for help and you responded.


  1. Did you realize she is using her PURPLE notebook & I am not objecting? A perfect example of a mother's love.

  2. You're the only one I know who claims to be allergic to a color. You're right, though. Given your preferences, it IS good of you to use the purple folder.


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