Mt Vernon

In 2007, Lyn and Mom came to Virginia for a week in the summer and we looked for opportunities to play tourist.  One of the day trips we took that week was a visit to Mt. Vernon, the estate owned by George Washington.

The property is expansive and abuts the Potomac River.  The day was beautiful and, for July in Virginia, not overly muggy.  We toured the underground museum, wandered the gardens, ate lunch  and then visited the farm.  We toured the house and visited the docks.  The property is expansive, wonderfully maintained and a great place to spend the day.

Lyn checks out the shaded seating overlooking the Potomac
While the rest of us were impressed with the innovative approaches to farming that Washington demonstrated, Lyn just enjoyed being out and about.  For her, the day trip is pleasurable not for its history, but for the simple fact that she's doing something out of the house.

I remember it as an enjoyable day and I was happy to find the above picture of my sister.  It is just her looking at the Potomac.  It is a calm picture and one without attitude.  Many days have been like this.


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