No Paparazzi

We have always joked about how we cannot go somewhere without Lyn running into someone she knows.  Either she recognizes them or they recognize her.  People have come up from a crowd and called her by name, asked about her current sport in Special Olympics and then gone on with their day.  If we asked her, she could usually tell us when and where she met the person even if she could not remember their name.  If this happened in front of the person, they would, more often than not, confirm that Lyn had it right.  This skill of hers always amazed us.  It was mind-boggling to know that she could meet a person, spend part of a day with them and then recall that encounter 10 or more years later.  This was even more surprising to us when we learned that the areas of her greatest brain damage are the areas primarily concerned with memory.  While she's no longer able to recall them, people still approach her to greet her by name.

Lyn is used to and completely comfortable with being the center of such attention.  As I've previously mentioned, she relishes being the center of attention in general.  She assumes it is her right and just how the world works.  I'm not saying she's selfish about it.  She's really not.  She's just confident that the worlds as she knows it is Lyn-centric.  She has her own level of celebrity.

Like one of Hollywood's top stars, my sister does not always like having her picture taken.  She prefers to dictate when, where and by whom her picture will be taken.  We occasionally have to snap quickly if we are going to get any picture of her during one of our visits.

So, hugs and requests for autographs from fans are welcome.  Paparazzi are not.


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