My Bridesmaid

In the early 1990's I got married and Lyn was one of my two bridesmaids.  The wedding occurred in the middle of a blizzard that lasted for about a week.  It was so cold and the weather was so bad that a number of our guests couldn't make it  and were stuck about 60 miles  away.  Lyn was a big help in the days leading up to the wedding as we worked to finalize everything from the food to the church and reception decorations.

On the day of the wedding, the snow stopped about a half hour before the ceremony.  Everything was covered in snow and ice.  The sidewalks were icy and walking was treacherous.  Even so, the church managed to be packed.

Lyn took her role as bridesmaid very seriously.  During the rehearsal, she paid close attention and worked to follow the lead of my Maid of Honor.  That role was filled by my best friend.  They had known each other for years and were very comfortable with each other.  Lyn knew she could follow along and my girlfriend knew how to work with Lyn.  It was a good pairing.

After the ceremony, Lyn asked to change out of her dress shoes to more safely navigate her way to the reception hall.  No one objected.  It was a practical and reasonable request.  When we got to the recption. Lyn  decided she was more comfortable in her high top sneakers than in the dress shoes.  They stayed on the rest of the night.

I loved it!

I insisted on taking this picture and only convinced her to cooperate because it was my wedding day and Mom had told her she had to be nice.  She wouldn't have allowed me to otherwise.  You can tell she's not happy in this picture.  She's got the smile that is not quite a smile, the one that doesn't touch her eyes on.

In the end, she was the smartest one of the night.  The snow resumed in full force before the reception ended.  Lyn probably had the surest footing of anyone there.


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