Lyn and Nikka

Nikka has settled into the home with Mom and Lyn.

Nikka would be a lap dog if Mom would let her.

She's learned that she's not allowed to bark at the neighbor's dog just because the neighbor's dog barks at her.  She does bark when people walk by their property or comes up their walk.  Once guests come in the house and get sniffed, the dog settles down.  The second time a guest arrives, Nikka doesn't even bother to bark, she just greets the with a wag and a wiggle.

Nikka's learned that she's not allowed in the dining room during a meal.  She stays in the living room and waits until the table is cleared before she approaches the table.

Nikka has taught Mom that she, the dog, has a bed time.  When it is time for her to sleep for the night, Nikka gets up and heads into her crate.  The crate is kept in Mom's room and if Mom doesn't come to bed right away, Nikka comes back out, looks at Mom and goes right back into her crate.  If Lyn sleeps later than Nikka thinks she should, Nikka will pace back and forth between Mom and Lyn's bedroom door.

Two sets of cousins have come to visit since Nikka came into the home.  Nikka decided that all of them were good people and spent much of each visit playing with the children.

Having Nikka there has perked Lyn back up a bit.  They love playing with each other.  Nikka doesn't talk with Lyn the way Griz did, but she has her own way of engaging with Lyn.  She's a good dog.


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