Lining Up More Resources

Last week, Mom and Lyn visited another day hab facility.  This one has a much smaller clientele.  As a result, there is a higher staff to client ratio which allows the staff to tailor activities to the interests of the individual clients.

When they visited, their tour was led by a staff member who was accompanied by one of the clients.  Lyn liked the tour and the people she met.  She liked the list of in-house activities as well as the options for activities or events out in the community.  When Lyn stated "I like to be in the community," the staff assured her that they could accommodate that preference.

Upon leaving, Mom and Lyn talked about the day hab and decided it was a good fit for Lyn.  They have contacted Lyn's case manager who will handle the next steps to register Lyn as a client of the facility.  This one has a much shorter waiting period.  So, hopefully, Lyn will be able to add the day hab to her weekly activities soon.

Additionally, last week, Mom reached out to the Alzheimer's Association office in New Mexico.  She's asked for any information they can provide on early on-set dementia in the intellectually disabled who do not have Down's Syndrome.  The staff at the office are a bit stumped.  They have started sending Mom information about dementia in general.  However, they are encountering the same thing I did when I started this blog.  There is not much information on dementia in the intellectually disabled beyond the impact of dementia on those with Down's Syndrome.  Even if they are not able to come up with much, the contact with the association may prove beneficial in itself as they can provide general dementia information and potentially open other doors to Mom and Lyn.  

Maybe it is time to reach out to the group at the University mentioned by Lyn's case manager.


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