And Action

To give you an idea of what may come out of Lyn's camera, let me tell you about a trip Lyn and Mom took to visit some relatives Kansas.  They drove out and stayed with the relatives for a couple of days before returning home.  The relatives live in a rural area where there was no much in the way of activities with which Lyn could be easily be amused.  Fortunately for all involved, Lyn was content to go any where than she had never been before.

So, one of the day trips involved driving up to the stockyards in Dodge City.  Mom reports that it was quite smelly there.  Lyn, however, was quite pleased, as you can see.  She asked our relative to take the picture with Lyn's camera.

During another day of their Kansas visit, as they were on the way back from another adventure, Lyn spotted a graveyard in Great Bend and asked for them to turn in.  Our relative kindly obliged.  Lyn was quite happy to tour the graveyard and has visited more than one around the country.

Lyn let me keep this graveyard picture.  She didn't want it anymore.  It is hard to know what other images she's tossed in the trash over the years.


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