My Brain is Frustrated

"My brain, it makes me frustrated.  My brain is frustrated.  I'm frustrated.  I'm tired of being frustrated!"

This was said after she sat at the dining table trying to put a puzzle together for nearly an hour.  Actually, she got about 12 pieces together in the first few minutes and then just sat there for the rest of the time.  After she stated this, she burst into tears.

Lyn knows her brain is changing.  She understands that she used to be able to complete a task, such as the puzzle, and that now she cannot.  This frustration and moments of sadness that can been seen in her expressions are painful to see.  We don't want her to suffer and this frustration is evidence of suffering.

Additional Information:
Emotional Problems - Depression, Frustration and Clinging
What to Look for: Irritability/Frustration


  1. She tried again last night and after maybe 10 min announced "I'm frustrated." I suggested she leave it for now. She walked away mad.


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