Negotiating with Lyn

Late last year, I decided to teach myself how to crochet.  As a result of diving into this new hobby, I find I've got to have something in my hands during quite times.  If I have to take a family member to an appointment, I take a crochet project with me.   If I'm watching tv in the evening, I've got a project in my lap.  If I'm on the phone or in front of the computer for a Skype conversation, I have picked up the yarn and my hook.  Unfortunately, I find that I need a couple of projects in flight at any time.  Currently, I seem to average three at a time.

My new hobby has become a regular touchpoint in our converations.  Lyn asks what I'm working on because she sees me look down towards my yarn or sees me pull more yarn from the skein.  I'll hold up my project and show her and Mom what I'm making or how much progress I've made on one of my longer projects. 
About two months ago, Lyn told me that I needed to make her some mittens.  She wanted them to be green and another color.  I had some self-striping yard in green and lavender.  I quickly grabbed it from my stash and showed it to her.  She decided she liked it and gave me permission to get started.  I was able to work the mittens up for her pretty quickly and sent them off to her. 

Lyn's mittens
Given how she's rejected other gifts from me, I wasn't sure if she would like the mittens.   Fortunately, she likes them and has been caught admiring them many times.

During this week's Skype conversation, Lyn once again demonstrated her mastery of subtly dropping a hint that she wants something.  She saw I had a project in my hands and asked what I was working on.  I raised the head of an amigurumi bunny into view and told her I am making a little stuffed bunny doll for my niece.

I joked with Mom that I knew not to send it to her because it is purple.  Lyn quietly said "You could send it to me.  I like purple."  I was focused on Mom and the comment slipped by me until Mom asked if I heard the background comment.  I asked Lyn to repeat her comment and her expression was a bit smug as she said it again.  I don't have enough purple for a second bunny.  I reached behind me and picked up a skein of light green to show her.  I asked if she would accept a green bunny instead. 

She magnamously accepted my offering.


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