She Quit

The writing was on the wall.  Lyn's respite provider had started canceling their time together at the last minute.  She has given her two week notice and will be terminating her association with Lyn.  She states that her reasons are that Lyn is tired after day hab and that Lyn has no new ideas of things to do.  She has already lined up another client to take Lyn's hours. 

Lyn knows her respite provider is leaving.  She doesn't know why.  Lyn is happy to do the same activities over and over.  Consistency allows her to anticipate and understand where she is and what's happening.

This is going to be hard on Lyn.  Very hard.  She's already cried and the ladies at day hab are concerned because "their sunshine" is upset.  They've met with Mom to see if there is anything they can do to help ease her transition.  Even this small act of kindness is appreciated.


  1. So... Lyn isn't entertaining enough?

    I don't understand this. Doesn't this respite withholder understand Lyn's condition and special needs? Isn't she supposed to be a medical professional of some type?

    Very sorry for Lyn. It's like getting dumped.

  2. She understands Lyn's needs but at this point the provider's needs overshadow Lyn's. I AM BEYOND ANGRY.

    1. It seems like this "provider" should be reported to some state authority. If this is her attitude, she shouldn't be in this line of work.

  3. So sorry Lyn has to go through this. Obviously this provider was not the right person for Lyn, but that does not make it easier on her. Unbelievable!

  4. There is no one to report the provider to other than the case mgr. Provider called case mgr to tell her she's quitting and the case mgr called me. While this will and already is difficult on Lyn we'll get thru it--again. I will just have to cut back on the time spent with a respite provider so a close connection isn't established. Not fair all the way around but life isn't fair either. Could be worse.

  5. The part that I find unbelievable is that the respite provider has already lined up another client. Given my sister's cognitive capacity, the respite provider should not expect Lyn to come up with new ideas on how to spend their time together. She had worked with Lyn the longest and had worked very hard to establish a good relationship with Lyn, even including her in some family events. Lyn knows the respite provider's children and grandchildren. In their time together, they treated Lyn very well. I don't want to loose sight of that.

    I find it a terrible shame that the respite provider didn't speak with her clients, Mom and Lyn, first to see if some accommodation could be made if she was unhappy. They didn't even find out from the respite provider at all. It is hard to look at that in any light other than a personal one that makes it appear she just found working with Lyn to be an inconvenience.

    Thank you all for your support. Within the law and within the respite provider's contract, she was within her rights. It is the human impact of her decision and the destructive impact it had on existing relationships that is so discouraging.


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