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My sister has stated a couple of times that she's having nightmares.  Unfortunately, she says she's too afraid to get out of bed when it happens to get Mom's help or solace.  Lyn has a nightlight in her room, but I'm sure her room looks different enough from daylight or lamplight that she's probably not even reaching for her lamp.   Mom suggested that they get a baby monitor and set it up in their rooms.  That way, if Lyn does wake due to nightmares during the night, Mom will be able to hear her and respond.  

I'm of two minds on this suggestion.  My initial reaction was that it was a great idea.  I still think it is and I support Mom doing this.  It is absolutely important that anyone who has a nightmare finds solace and is able to go back to sleep.  Disrupted sleep has consequences for the healthy brain.  I wouldn't be surprised if it has bigger consequences on the brain already struggling with dementia.

Therein lies my conundrum.  Will Mom's sleep be significantly disturbed by Lyn through the baby monitor?  Will Lyn turn out to be having frequent nightmares or will this be a smaller impact of once or twice a week?  It is hard to say until we know what pattern Lyn really is experiencing and that won't be known unless there's a monitor in the room.

Ultimately, it is Mom's decision as she's the primary care giver.  She would have the ability to turn it off on a night that she needs sleep if it comes to that.


  1. As the dementia progresses she'll likely wake up more and more during the night for longer and longer periods of time. She may get to the point she leaves her bedroom and wanders. My thought is that setting the pattern of calling out to Mom now might prevent some of the wandering later on. The wandering is much more dangerous.

  2. I thought of this and think the monitor is worth a try. Right now she's upset because beginning tonight she has to have O2 overnight. Oh well, it's never dull.


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