Getting Turned Around

Lyn and her respite provider went to the casino again on Saturday.  On a recent trip, she won $26!  This week's trip was very different.  Mom writes:

"Lyn said her respite provider had to come get her.  She always goes for fries while she's playing and has always been able to come right back.  Her respite provider keeps her in sight but doesn't go with her so Lyn feels independent.  Well, today she "got turned around" but didn't panic.  She stopped an employee to ask for help.  Her respite provider stepped in and called to her.  They laughed about it "because so many people were there" it was "easy to get confused."  Her respite provider said "it is really getting bad" the past couple of weeks.  She's not able to focus and seems more confused.  

She's getting ready for Church right now.  I could cry.  But, this is to be expected.  I doubt we'll go anywhere tomorrow."


  1. :*-( Sweet Lyn. Thank goodness for such loving people in her life to keep her safe and loved.

  2. Thank you for the comment, kind reader. Lyn's respite provider has been a fabulous person in her life.

    Lyn made sure to tell me all about getting turned around when we spoke via Skype yesterday. She was proud that she did not panic.


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