Strikes and Scores

On Thursday, Lyn had her regularly scheduled afternoon of bowling.  Her scores seem to be leveling off a bit for now.

However, Lyn is starting to struggle with maintaining her composure when scores are recorded.

One of the other girls got a strike in the first game.  Lyn didn't.  After the third frames was recorded, Lyn called out to one of the other caregivers.  The caregiver came over and Lyn stated "Something's wrong.  This is my strike but it's on another girl's side."  The caregiver explained to Lyn that the strike wasn't her's.  It really was bowled by the other bowler.  Lyn got mad.  She didn't act out, but you could tell from the expression and body language that her mood had greatly soured. 

I know that confusion, anger and delusions are common with individuals with dementia.  However, I hope that she's able to maintain appropriate behavior when she's bowling.  If her behavior becomes inappropriate, bowling would have to become an activity reserved for a day hab outing.  While stopping bowling would be very detrimental to her emotionally as well as physically, it would not be fair to her or the other bowlers to put her in a situation where she perceives creates conflict.  


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