PBR and Lyn

As previously mentioned, Lyn attended the Ty Murray Invitational PBR event at The Pit on Sunday.

Lyn and Mom arrived an hour before the event started.  There was such a crowd that The Pit opened their doors earlier than scheduled to let people in.  She bought a program and was thrilled when a bull rider signed the back of her shirt as well as her program.  She was so excited that she convinced Mom to call me right then.

I could hear the noise of the crowd around her.  She stressed that she paid "only $10 for the program!"  When I asked her if there were cowboys around, she giggled a "Yes!"  I pushed a little and asked if there were cute cowboys around.  I could nearly feel her blush.  She's always been an admirer of cute cowboys and the dementia has not dimmed that one bit.

Mom kept the conversation short because they still needed to find their seats.  They promised to call when they got home after the event.  When I spoke to them later in the evening, Lyn was still hyped up.  Mom had bought her a PBR baseball hat with Stars and Stripes flames on the bill.  She rarely wears a hat, but clearly she convinced Mom that it was a necessary purchase.

She told us about the new bull named Plumber's Butt who apparently is taking over for the retired Booger Butt.  My eldest fell over laughing at the name but Aunt Lyn thought the bull was pretty.  She talked about the riders who got injured and that the crowd would clap for him to show him they hoped he feels better.

She had a wonderful time and that's what the day was about.


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