Miss Sunshine

The ladies at day hab have started calling Lyn "Miss Sunshine."  When Lyn arrives each day, she goes to each person to say "Good morning" and to offer a tidbit of advice.  

She always has advice.  She's always willing to share her advice and you don't even have to ask for it.  She's advised me on everything from my college work to car care to my marriage and my children over the years.  If something's fixed, she knows how to fix it.  If someone's ill, she knows what is needed to bring them back into health.  

It doesn't matter if she's right or not.  What matters is that she's engaged in the discussion and she's expressing her care and concern for you, me, and the universe in general.  Her advice may be declared in a loud and insistent voice, but it comes from a place of love.  In that place of love, she is absolutely certain that she's giving you sound direction.  She is confident that you need the guidance and that she's the right person to give it.

Advising me to keep up
The ladies at day hab see this in Lyn.  In an email to Mom, they wrote "She really is a blessing! She will always be welcomed with us! They say not to love the those we serve but is that not the purpose of serving??"

Love.  They get it.  Service is love.  The act of giving of yourself and of helping another is an act of love.  That's what Lyn tries to do with her advice and that's what the ladies offer her in return.  It is love that causes one person to care for another. 

Hearing her called "Miss Sunshine" makes me smile at the sweetness of it.  

To the ladies at Lyn's day hab, if you are reading this, thank you for your kindness and your service.


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