Dementia News

Just a quick rundown of this week's news articles dealing with dementia.

Memory, Other Cognitive Functions May be Restored by Reversing Alzheimer's Gene Blockade
Blockade of Learning and Memory Genes May Occur Early in Alzheimer's Disease: Treatable in Mice

Clearly the two articles above are related.  However, their headlines convey completely different messages.  The articles are worth a read.  We just have to remember that treatments that work in mice frequently do not convey to humans.  While we can genetically engineer the mice to display the symptoms associated with dementia, mice do not actually have Alzheimer's disease.  Dementia is a uniquely human condition so far as we can tell.

Promising Approach to Preventing Alzheimer's

Researchers Test Sugary Solution to Alzheimer's Disease 

Brain Imaging Technique Predicts Who Will Suffer Cognitive Decline Over Time

Slow Walking 'Predicts Dementia'

How Significant are Developments in Making Alzheimer's Brain Cells in the Lab?


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