It is Complicated

There was a guy my sister dated off and on for several years.  He was higher functioning than her but was in the same disability waiver program and attended a number of the same social activities as Lyn.  He could drive but not live alone.  He has bipolar disorder, has attempted suicide and is highly manipulative.  He broke her heart.  Repeatedly.

Lyn's relationship with this guy was one of the more complicated times of her life.  She genuinely loved him but he was unstable and bad for her.  She was an adult and there really wasn't much Mom could do to prevent the relationship.  Mom was there to help Lyn pick up the pieces each time this guy broke up with her.  She was there to try and warn Lyn to not get back in a relationship whenever he would come back around.

It has been at least two years since their last break up.  In this time, there has been no significant contact.  They may have run into each other at Merry Makers, the Friday night social group, but she's staunchly ignored him.

He called towards the end of the week.  Lyn wasn't available and Mom could honestly tell him she was not there to come to the phone.  Lyn wasn't confronted with having to choose to speak to him or waive off.  Mom did let Lyn know that he called when she was out.  Lyn got mad and Mom quickly changed the subject.  Nothing more was said and Mom thought the issue was past.

It wasn't.  Friday afternoon saw a round of tears and one of the things she said was that she had a bad dream about him the night before.  She was tired and upset.  So much so that she cancelled her plans to go out.


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