The Record Repeats

During Sunday's Skype call, Lyn told me about the time she got turned around at the casino.  She recounted the story like she had never told me and like it happened the day before. 

Mom closed her eyes while Lyn was regaling me with her tale.  I could see the pain in her face.  Lyn could not see Mom's face because she was speaking over Mom's shoulder to me.  Even if she could see it, I'm not sure she would pick up on it.

Getting turned around has been a big topic of discussion for Lyn since it happened.  I bet she's told everyone at this point, possibly repeatedly. 

Her verbal interactions, her conversations are definitely becomming more stilted and repetitive. 

On the plus side, Mom's given her something new to focus on and talk about.  They have tickets to see the bullriders with the PBR later this month.  Lyn's so excited she's about to pop.  When I asked her what she's going to do with all those cowboys she said "Take their pictures!" 


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