And She Worries About Me?

Lyn has her routine of asking about my family, my pets and me with each phone call.  She seems to find it important to know how each member of my household is doing or what activity they are currently working on.  It doesn't matter if I say my little one is asleep and my eldest is watching TV.  She's just as interested every time.

She's also quick to pick up on the days when I am a little off.  If I sound tired or mention that I'm not feeling well, Lyn is immediately focused on that.  She readily offers me advice.  If I've had a busy, meeting filled day at the office, she'll advise me to go take a bath and go to bed early.  This is very sound advice that I rarely listen to.  (Little sisters are like that, you know.)  If I'm ill, there's no telling me what directions she'll give me in her most earnest tone.  It may involve Tylenol and juice or an urgent plea for me to see my doctor.

Earlier this week, we spoke on the phone and I had a trifecta of issues that worried her.  I was fatigued after a full day of work, was sore and achey and had an infected scratch from my kitten.  All were minor ailments that would not warrant notice with most people.  Apparently, neither of us fit that category because I mentioned them and she worried.  She advised sleep, Tylenol and aloe for the scratch.  Again, sound advice that I followed in my own way after our call.

After Lyn issued her advice, she turned to Mom and declared the very familiar "She has to go!  She's not feeling well."  Mom took the phone from Lyn and we both chuckled.  Despite the fact that I was tired and having a hard time focusing on much of anything, we continued to chat for a good half of an hour longer.  As the minutes ticked by, Lyn kept glaring at Mom.

When The Look wasn't enough to get Mom to hang up, Lyn started muttering about keeping me on the phone.  Mom would comment on The Look or the mutter and we'd chat on another topic for a while.  We both were well aware of Lyn's growing irritation and we were both amused by it.  Yes, we could have calmed her down by hanging up, but it was not something we felt was necessary.  Lyn doesn't have to get her way on everything.

Eventually, we did hang up.  Lyn, however, didn't give up.  She spent the rest of the night glaring at Mom and muttering about the phone.  I take all this as evidence of her love and concern.  I just have to laugh though.

She's the one with dementia and she worries about me?


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