Swimming and Bowling

Lyn used to swim with Special Olympics.  We also used to swim in our neighborhood pool as kids.  Until earlier in the week, it had been several years since Lyn went swimming.  One of her activities this weeks at day hab was to go swimming.  She had a good time and enjoyed herself.  However, she didn't know how to swim.  She has forgotten.  I'm sure, if she didn't have dementia, she would have been able to swim even though it had been a long time.  The muscle memory for swimming is gone though.

Her bowling scores are down this week.  Mom says she was struggling with the distractions provided by the bowlers.  Apparently, she's having more interpersonal conflicts with them.  Mom has suggested that she consider just bowling for fun and not bowling for competition any longer.  Lyn has not decided to do that yet.


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