Healthy Aging Brain Care Monitor

The Healthy Aging Brain Care Monitor is a questionnaire designed to provide a reliable and easily repeatable measure of the changes experienced by the dementia patient and the patient's primary caregiver.  The monitor is being described as a "blood pressure cuff" in its ease and efficacy in measuring these changes.  There are two versions of the monitor.  One is targeted to caregivers providing responses.  The other is geared for dementia patients who are still able to respond for themselves.

The questions are grouped into four categories; cognitive, functional, behavioral and a caregiver stress scale.  When I first read the description of the monitor, it was not obvious that the monitor is measuring the caregiver in addition to the dementia patient.  This is a novel approach in a clinical setting and one I hope spreads.

A few of the questions would not be ones that apply to Lyn.  For example, Lyn has never handled complex financial affairs such as balancing a check book.  However, the majority of the questions would be applicable to her.  Maybe it would be worth downloading and providing a completed form to her physician with each visit.


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