ISP Review

Yesterday, Lyn participated in the annual review of her Individual Service Plan (ISP).

Lyn's ISP year is from August 27 to August 26 of the following year.  Budgeting for the ISP is based off the rating of the client which results from the assessments that are done to determine the client's needs.  If you remember, Lyn was recently classified as a "B" level.  This kicks into effect on October 1.  Because of this change and the request for Lyn's reassessment, the budgeting can only be put into place to cover from August 27 to September 30.

The States does not currently know when they will reassess Lyn.  They will do it but it has not been scheduled yet.  They hope to have to have it done before October 1 and the impact of budget changes to Lyn's ISP.  In her conversation with the representative from the State, Mom learned that 90% of the requests for re-evaluation are clients who are now classified as a "B."  There appears to be "a glitch causing people to be classified" that way.  Mom also learned that the original notes recorded by the individual who evaluated Lyn a year ago are no longer part of Lyn's assessment.  The notes included concerns about the changes of Lyn at that time and noted the pending appointment for an evaluation of what was suspected dementia at that time.

Mom states that she got lost in hearing "the changes that have occurred this year" so many times during the ISP.  It was a bit overwhelming to her.  It is one thing to note a change one day or to document it in the blog another  and a different emotional reaction to hear all the changes itemized and verbalized in the course of a one hour meeting.  Fortunately, the notes that were taken by Lyn's case manager will be sent to Mom within a few days.  Mom did note that Lyn's diagnosis has been changed on the ISP to list the early onset dementia before the intellectual disability as a way to highlight it for the reassessment.

Up next for Lyn is the first meeting of her Human Rights Committee.


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