In a Snit

Lyn has been in a bit of a snit for the majority of the past week.  Mom says that your guess is as good as mine as to why she's being grumpy.  It is not PMS and it is not fatigue associated with being on her period.  In all honesty, it may just be the dementia itself.

On Friday, Mom reached over to touch Lyn's hair to help her straighten it before they headed out to day hab.  Lyn pushed Mom's hand away and grumbled at her.  It wasn't until Mom went to the garage and started the car that Lyn got up and ran a brush through her hair, making Mom wait until she came out to the car.

In yesterday's Skype session, she was a bit mad at my husband for having a minor accident in our garage and needing four stitches.  The Look she shot was more intense and withering than normal.  A few minutes later, she decided to lecture me on how the airlines would allow me to send my five year old unaccompanied.  She wouldn't let the topic go even when Mom and I both assured her that we knew she was right.  We ended up having to explain that even if the airlines say it is OK, I don't believe my child is ready to fly without a parent.  She settled down when we pointed out that accompanying my child also allowed me to see her.

She's so quick to get angry right now.  We're thankful that she is not exhibiting violence as one of her symptoms as some dementia patients do.  I hope she never does.  There are days I can hear the fatigue in Mom's voice and I'll call her just to check up on her; not Lyn.  Lyn will behave as the disease dictates and changes in her behavior are a result of the disease.  There is nothing I can do to stop that.  I can, however, continue making sure that Mom is OK and that she has someone to vent to or someone to laugh with.  Sometimes, I find a little success to share with her even if I spoke to her earlier in the evening.  It is my hope that the little moments help mitigate all the stress and grumpiness she has to deal with the rest of the day.


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