Lyn is agitated.  The smoke from all the fires in New Mexico is really starting to wear on her.  On Wednesday night's news, they told of a new fire between Cochiti & Santa Fe.  That make 8 fires currently burning in NM.  Mom writes:

"Lyn asked where Cochiti was.  I told her but said it was far enough from Albuquerque that we didn't have to worry.  She fixated on it all evening.,  About 7:30 she was looking out the patio door and said that the fire was headed this way.  I got up to look and could see 2 large columns of smoke.  I said that it was nothing but clouds and she began to point out differences between the clouds near the mountains and the smoke.  I tried to assure her that even tho we could see the smoke, the fire was a long way away and would not come this way.  She must have looked to the north a dozen times over the next hour.  She was tired but didn't want to go to bed till about 5 min ago (11:30pm).  She made me promise to watch the news and let her know in the morning."

The wind has brought the smoke from the Baldy fire into Albuquerque.  It has been hanging there for days now.  The fire is the biggest in New Mexico's history and is hardly contained.  The terrain is so rugged, the winds so high and the humidity so low that containment is incredibly difficult.  The air tastes of ash some days and health warnings have been issued because of it.  Mom continues:

"This morning there was so much smoke I couldn't see the mountains but could see 6 balloons.  As I came down the hall after waking her, I looked up and called her to 'Come see what's right here.'  A balloon landed in the field catty-corner from here.  I took a picture.  Poor Nikka all but climbed into Lyn's lap, but never barked.  Someone got out of the gondola and another got in.  They lifted off and flew right over us.  It was the one with multi colored stipes."

Despite the pall from the smoke, the balloonists are still out there and are visible even if the mountains are hidden.  


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