Animal Crackers

Lyn takes her lunch with her to day hab.  The lunch containers that Mom purchased for Lyn have worked beautifully.  Mom can portion out a lunch from the remains of dinner into the containers and Lyn does not feel that her lunch is made of leftovers.  Lyn hates leftovers.

Lyn likes to have a sweet with her lunch or as part of her snack.  So, while Mom was out getting the week's groceries, she purchased some Nilla Wafers.  That didn't go over so well.

When Lyn got him with her respite provider and Mom mentioned the selection, Lyn got very snotty.  "I distinctly remember telling you to buy animal crackers."  She hadn't but there was no point arguing with her.  Mom pointed out that her tone of voice was not appropriate.  She also pointed out that she was done shopping for the weeks, the cookies were purchased and "you like Nilla Wafers too."  After a moment or two more of resistance and tone of voice, Lyn gave in and accepted that she would have Nilla Wafers instead of animal crackers.

I know these interactions are trying but Mom, despite her frustration, really does handle it quite well.

Mom also keeps us up on Lyn's weekly bowling scores.  This week, Mom says Lyn was tired going into the bowling.


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