The New Location

Lyn's day hab has been in the process of relocating from its original location to a new facility for the past couple of weeks.  Lyn has visited the new location several times already.

Yesterday was the first day that the new facility was used for the clients.  The change has really thrown her for a loop, resulting in belligerent and agitated behavior.  When Mom picked her up in the afternoon, Lyn got in the car and announced "I'm just kind of stressed."  Mom asked if it was from the move but Lyn didn't know what was stressing her.  Mom got her to drink some water and suggested a nap.  Lyn decided that it would help after all and slept for over an hour.

It is going to take her a while to adjust to the new location.  She will but she'll just be a bit stressed in the meantime.


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