Better Scores with Less Competition

On Thursday, Lyn had her weekly practice for bowling with Special Olympics.  Her pattern of flagging scores was evident as was her interpersonal conflict and agitation at being in with all the other athletes.

The next day, she returned to the bowling alley with the staff from day hab.  The bowling alley had about 1/3 less people in it the day before.  It also had none of the regulars from Special Olympics.  Lyn's scores were dramatically different.  

The day hab staff report that Lyn was more calm and focused.  She was not agitated and she enjoyed herself tremendously. 

I know Mom has suggested to Lyn that she consider just bowling with day hab each week for fun instead of bowling for Special Olympics.  I hope Lyn seriously considers it.  Mom can point out how much more fun she had on Friday than she did on Thursday.  She wouldn't be getting frustrated with the other athletes and could just focus on what she was doing.

Bowling for Lyn really isn't about getting the highest scores.  Yes, she has been historically been competitive and has won numerous medals and ribbons for it.  However, it has also been a highly social activity for her.  Given her interpersonal challenges of late because of the dementia, it may be time to step away from the competitive aspect and continue bowling for the social and pleasure aspects alone.


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