HRC Meeting

The Human Rights Committee (HRC) for my sister met yesterday.  The meeting lasted a brief 45 minutes.  The Committee consists of Lyn's case manager, the service coordinator, the agency nurse, the agency Quality Assurance, the individual from the agency who reads all medical reports each month and Mom.

Mom writes:

"The purpose of the committee is to oversee that Lyn's rights are never violated.  This step is required by the DD Waiver because Lyn's had a controlled substance prescribed for the Sundowner's.  With the letter from the physician's assistant, it's understood it will be used only as needed.  The committee was impressed that June 1 was the first time it was used.  I was complimented three times on "being a great mother" because Lyn knows what the prescription is to be used for and that I don't use it often.  

They noted that I have the baby monitor and that Lyn isn't opposed to it being used.  The baby monitor provides only an audio feed.  If it provided a visual feed, it would not have been acceptable.  They also noted, for future reference, that when the time comes that she may begin to wander I am going to install alarms on the top of the doors.  Everyone agreed that any of this is done for safety and no other reason.  These measures are considered to be acceptable and not a violation of Lyn's rights. 

It was agreed that there is no need to meet except once a yr for the ISP.  If there are major changes any one of us can call a meeting.

I felt better when we were done because it wasn't what I expected.  At no time was I asked to sign over any of my rights or care of Lyn.  The committee had no problem of this info being used on the blog because no name of individuals or agency is used.  I explained what you do with the blog.  The case manager was aware of the blog and complimented what she has read as well.  

Hope this makes sense and clarifies what the HRC role is in Lyn's life and care."

I spoke with Mom after reading her email.  She was very relieved with how the meeting went.  She was unsure of what to expect and was prepared to have to defend her decisions.  She's happy to know that the measures being put in place to provide for Lyn's safety such as the baby monitor or the possible use of door alarms were acceptable.  

I appreciate that the committee also felt that I could know their findings and have agreed to allow us to discuss it here.  This summary may serve other families if they are ever faced with this HRC provision in the DD Waiver or any other similar program.  The committee's decision was made because of the measures we take in not identifying individuals by their real name.  


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