So Excited

We secured our travel plans for our annual pilgrimage home and have let Lyn know that we'll be there for a week.  Our visit will be in early August.

When we sent Mom our itinerary and Lyn knew she had it, she nearly squealed her "I'm SO EXCITED you're coming!"  I don't think she really believes that we'll make it until she knows the itinerary is done.

She now has something new to focus on until we get there.  I bet she's already had Mom circle our arrival date on the computer.


  1. She is SO excited, has been telling everyone you'll be here "next Saturday"
    But she's not the only one.

  2. I'm glad she excited. However, I hope she's not really able to track when "next Saturday" really is because I don't want her to be too disappointed over the fact that we'll be there in just over a month. Just another example of how time and space are different for her and how she makes me laugh.


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