A Predictive Story?

The Henley's story is one in which Early Onset Alzheimer's plays a dramatic role.  Mike, the father, was diagnosed with it 10 years ago, at the age of 36.  His mother and brother also died of it because they had the familial type.  Mike passed away early this year.  Through out his decline, his wife worked to bring attention to the disease, care for their children, and work full-time in addition to being his primary care provider.

All of Karen's posts are on Maria Shriver's site.

It is not an easy story to read, but it is worth it.  I wonder if it serves as a predictive story for what we will witness with Lyn.  Only time will tell.

Additional Information Sources:
BBC News - Early-Onset Alzheimer's Strikes Families Fast and Ferociously


  1. So very interesting. What a classy, loving family this is.


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