CAD106: A Vaccine

Nearly ten years ago, the first human tests for a vaccine against Alzheimer's Disease were conducted.  They were ended when it was discovered that the vaccine caused the body to attack the brain's own cells instead of protecting them.

Last week, The Lancet Neurology reported that a second set of vaccination trials have been conducted with very different results.  Findings suggest that the vaccine, CAD106, is acceptably safe and causes the body to produce antibodies to amyloid beta.  The study was small, using only 31 patients receiving the vaccine and not the placebo.  CAD106 is a new molecule.  Novartis has provided the funding for the research into it.  While some are hailing this study as a success, the results are not without controversy.  Additional trials are necessary.


  1. How can I get my mother who is 53 years old with early onset AD this vaccine?

  2. Your best bet is to look into the clinical trials because this vaccine is not yet widely available. Here is the link to the clinical trial information.

    Good luck!


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