Bead Work

Another craft Lyn enjoyed was working with plastic beads to make different designs.  She would use a plastic frame to hold the little beads in place as she put each one where she wanted it. 

Here is an example of her work.  I keep this one on my office desk. 

Those beads are small.  They're only about 5 cm in diameter and about 5 cm in height.  If you bump the plastic frame, they go everywhere. 

Once you have a pattern or shape the way you want it, you then grab the iron to heat the beads enough to melt into each other.  (Mom would do this step for her.)  The heat from the iron is what causes the shape to stay together.  If you don't melt them properly, they don't stick and the project breaks.

Lyn had made a number of these bead shapes.  My youngest child has a frog she made from these beads.  I don't think she's made one in over a year.  The beads are too small for her to work with comfortably and her patience is no longer sufficient for the task either.  Maybe she just lost interest in this as a hobby.  I'm not entirely sure. 

This change is a mixed one for us.  While we don't like to see her give up a hobby she once enjoyed, Mom doesn't mind the beads no longer being found everywhere.


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