Hay in the Barn

Mom wrote:
One afternooon shortly after we returned to NM, we went to my brother's house.  (Lyn was about 3 years old.)  After we were there about 30 minutes, I realized Lyn wasn't in the house.  Panic set in because she was normally my shadow.  I left you on the floor on a blanket and told your brother to watch you.  The 4 adults ran outside, calling her.  Their house bordered a ditch which had no water, fortunately.  All of a sudden, my brother said for all of us to stay put while he went to check the barn.  His wife lost all color and began to shake.  I had no idea what was going on but I froze.  He went in the barn and we couldn't just stand there so we went behind him.  There she sat throwing hay up and laughing when it came down all over her.  The startling part was they had a hugh, very mean dog on a chain.  Lyn was sitting right in front of the dog and the hay would land on his nose as well.  She would dust it off and laugh.  The dog's tail was wagging.  My brother just kept saying "don't anyone move."  He slowly went over and picked her up and backed out with her.  The dog began to growl.  All I could see was the dust and hay all over her and KNEW she would have problems breathing.  HA!  We washed her off from head to toe, put one of his undershirts on her and went home. 
That was the last significant time her breathing was worried about.


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