Fair Time

It is the time of year for fairs.  State fairs, county fairs, and even some town fairs can be found for a day's enjoyment.  Every year, Lyn enjoys going to the New Mexico State Fair.  At the end of the week, she and Mom spent most of the day there.

Normally, they would drive to a designated Park and Ride location to take the bus into the fairgrounds.  That option was discontinued this year.  So, Mom paid for parking on the fairgrounds itself.  Lyn was not happy about this.  She likes taking the bus to the fair.  She had fixated on riding the bus the night before and had to have the reasons for not taking the bus explained multiple times.

Once at the fair, they wandered around and looked at lots of the exhibits.  Because they went early in a week day, they didn't have to contend with large crowds.  They did avoid one environmental building because of the bus loads of elementary school children that packed the place.

Mom told Lyn, "Now's your chance.  If there's any kind of junk food that you want, have at it."  When they got hungry, Lyn spotted the Ashbury Cafe and declared that she wanted a piece of pie.  She had chocolate chip and Mom had apple.  When they hit the Native American Village, Lyn wanted fry bread. So, Lyn's lunch consisted of pie and fry bread.  Not too bad, if you ask me.

Overall, they had a pretty good day.


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