Her Favorite Bowl

Mom was going to fix Lyn lunch and asked her to get a small bowl from the cabinet.  Lyn stood there for some time looking at the cabinet full of dishes.  She said she couldn't find a small bowl.  She said she didn't see any.  Mom turned and pointed out a stack of white ones on the first shelf.  They've been using this set of dishes for 5 years.  Lyn rejected those by saying "No.  I want one of the brown ones.  They are my favorite."

The brown dishes were a set our Grandmother had bought for us when our house burnt down in 1984.  Mom had stopped using them years ago and finally got rid of them at least two years ago.

It took Mom a minute to figure out what Lyn wanted.  When she did, she reminded Lyn that the dishes had been given to a family in need.  "Oh yeah, we took them to that church."  She looked puzzled for a minute.  Mom pointed out that there were brightly colored bowls on the second shelf if Lyn didn't want a white bowl.  She said it didn't matter since her favorite ones aren't here.

Today is the appointment with the neurologist.  I hope to have a summary written for you tomorrow.


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