Change of Schedule

Mom has decided to change Lyn's schedule a little.  She has declared Wednesdays to be lazy days from now on.  Lyn's got regularly scheduled activities on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and all day Saturdays.  On Sunday, they have church and chores around the house.  On Monday, she meets with her speech therapist. So, unless there is a doctor's appointment scheduled, they won't be running errands or going out on Wednesdays any more.

In protest, Lyn announced Wednesday morning that she wasn't even going to get dressed.  She was a bit disappointed when Mom said "Not a problem!"  After a late breakfast and a bit of peach cobbler, Lyn decided to take a short nap at 2.  Mom had to wake her at 5 for dinner.

For a lady who is retired and another with no serious obligations, they have kept themselves very busy over the years.


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