D and R together do not spell "God"

All my life, I've heard Mom say that "D" and "R" do not spell "God."  It is her short-hand way of saying that sometimes, some doctors do not listen to the patient, the patient's car provider or the presentation of the symptoms.  We saw this yesterday.  Part of what made yesterday disappointing is that the doctor made up his mind about Lyn before he walked in the room.  Yesterday was not the first time this has occurred and it won't be the last.

We'll let Mom tell the story of the first time this happened to Lyn.  Before we do, let me interject that Lyn has a great care provider in the nurse practioner they visit normally.  Growing up, the pediatrician we had was also a wonderful doctor who really listened.  Lyn's current dentist and his hygienist are also wonderful.  So, when the exceptions happen, they really stand out.

Here's what Mom wrote to me overnight:

     I remember once when she was about 7 months old and sick that I took her to the clinic.  Dr D., her
     regular doctor, was on leave but some other Colonel was filling in.  He came into the room where I had
     her down to her diaper.  He looked at her chart and asked what was the problem now.  I started telling
     him of her fever and chest congestion when he stopped me and said "I think the only thing wrong with this
     child is that you need a psychiatrist." 
     I picked her up and started dressing her and said "I may need a psych but that's not what's wrong with
     her.  I do everything for her the same way I have done it for my son who is 14 mon older and never sick. 
    You'll not touch her."  I walked out.

     By the time I got home your father was calling and asked "Now, what did you do?"  That Colonel had
     called your father's 1st Sargent.  He reported that I was insubordinate and he wanted your father court
     marshalled.  Yes, he could do that.  So, I told your fatherwhat happened.  He went into Top's office and
     told him what I'd said.  Fortunately, the Sargent knew Lyn's history.  He decided to not give your father
     an Article 15 but he had to do something to get the Old Man off his back.  Your father ended up having
     to pull CQ duty each weekend for the next 6 wks.  

     He wasn't too upset, other than he'd miss 2 of his flight lessons.  He was more happy to deal with the
     guys than with the wife & kids.


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