Her Team Agrees

On Wednesday of this week, Lyn's team had their monthly status meeting.  Her team is always present and these meetings happen in Mom and Lyn's home.

In this month's meeting, they reviewed the recent changes that have been documented by Mom, Lyn's respite provider and her speech therapist.  They reviewed the interactions with the neurologist and the clinician who is performing the neuro-psych testing.  They agree that the neurologist did not listen and they fear that he has made up his mind about Lyn's case.  They feel my thoughts about him possibly reading the notes in more depth after their meeting are overly optimistic.

The team is in agreement that Lyn should see the neurologist again at the end of this month for a follow up EEG.  At this point, they're hoping to consider the current set of tests as a baseline.  However, they're not sure that his assessment is going to seriously consider the changes they are all observing and documenting. They are also hoping to factor the results of the neuro-psych as part of Lyn's new baseline.  They will then use all the test results to gauge future changes and test results against.

In the meantime, there is apparently a new group of physicians and clinicians associated with the University which has an interest or focus on dementia in the intellectually disabled.  Lyn's team is going to see if they can get Mom and Lyn in touch with this group.


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