What time is it?

When Lyn and I were in high school, I dated a guy in my senior year who passed the Lyn litmus test.  He was always very polite to her.  One day, he really showed his patience with her.

Lyn came up to my then boyfriend and asked him if he could help her tell the time.  Using the clock in the kitchen he spent over a half hour trying to explain how to tell time using the long and short hands on the clock.  He would go over one step and ask if she understood.  She would repeat what he said and nod.  When he asked her to put it all together to tell him the time, she would stumble over the minutes, getting the time wrong.  He would start over, clearly feeling like he was making progress and she was just moments away from really getting how to tell time from the analog clock in the kitchen.

Mom and I stood and watched and waited.  She tried again to tell the time and he again went over it with her.  An hour was rapidly coming to a close and there was only so much stifling of our laughter that we could do.

Mom finally called out "Lyn, what time is it?"  Lyn looked to the digital watch at her wrist and rattled off the correct time.  My boyfriend just hung his head in defeat.  She had played him and successfully monopolized his time.

She may be challenged, but the girl is not stupid.


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