A Church Meeting

Mom is very active in her church.  She frequently attends week day morning Mass in addition to Sunday Mass.  She's a lay minister, a teacher and a wedding coordinator for her congregation as well.  As a result, she occasionally has to attend evening meetings in connection with her duties.  Normally, she would arrange for Lyn to be out with her respite provider when an evening meeting was scheduled.  This past week, she was unable to secure the respite provider's time so Lyn accompanied her.

When they were at Church for the meeting, Lyn was subtle but clearly expressed her discomfort with the situation and her desire to leave.  There were about 10 participants and Lyn knew everyone in the room.

They started at 6 PM and by 7:15 it was dark outside.  She had put her jacket on the back of Mom's chair.  She said she was cold and put her jacket on.  She was hugging herself and had a worried look on her face.  She sat quietly and listened, laughing when the participants laughed.  She wouldn't look at Mom but her knee began "bumping" against Mom's knee.  When this started, Mom leaned over and told her they would soon be done.  Mom assured Lyn that she was doing ok.  She nodded.  She didn't act out, didn't speak out, didn't misbehave but she was uncomfortable.  We didn't finish until 8:15 and she was really nervous by that point.

On the way out of Church, she asked multiple times what the time was.  As soon as they got home, she got ready for bed.  She was asleep by 9 PM.  When Mom left for Mass  in the morning and she was still snoring.

At Church, the priest asked if Lyn was OK.  He said she looked very tired.  Mom explained how as the evening progressed she became more and more uncomfortable even tho she knew where she was and who was with her.

I'm honestly surprised she didn't burst into tears.  


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