A Busy Weekend

Lyn's respite provider had a training obligation this weekend as part of keeping her license up to date.  As a result, she was unavailable for their normal Saturday jaunt.  Lyn offered to help Mom with the wedding at their church.  (Mom is one of the church's wedding coordinator's.)  Mom says Lyn was particularly helpful for this wedding.

On Sunday, they drove up to Santa Fe to view an exhibit at the Wheelwright Museum.  Lyn expressed a desire to be home in the early afternoon because she didn't want to get anxious.  Mom agreed to make it an early afternoon.  They drove up, enjoyed the exhibit and were home mid-afternoon.

When Lyn had her speech therapy session this week, she was able to remember what they did over the weekend.  She remembered where they went and that she was helpful at the wedding.

It is interesting to me how there are times when she can remember and times when she cannot.  We never know which will happen.


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