Can We Say "Stupid"?

Mom suggested the title for today's post.  I think it summarizes her feelings about the appointment with the neurologist pretty succinctly.  I'll let Mom tell of today's appointments.

"Lyn had the EEG and did well.  The tech said she normally doesn't allow family to be in the room.  I said I understood but I have to be back there.  I'll sit in a corner quietly and then Lyn will be cooperative  and calm.  It worked.  The EEG took about 30 minutes.  Lyn looked confused when the tech  gave instructions because they were more than 2 steps long.  Finally, she was able to do what was asked after being instructed 4 times.  I kept my mouth shut.

We then had about 40 minute wait until appointment with the doctor.  We ran an errand and came back.  When he called us in, Lyn gave me a look that said "Do we really have to do this?"  He didn't see that, fortunately.  He said the EEG was "perfectly normal."  No seizure activity.  He still thinks that Lyn's symptoms of memory and skill loss are stress related anxiety, behavioral issues and just moodiness.  I asked about her forgetting how to use the washing machine.  He said maybe someone other than me should teach her.  OK, but why and how could she have forgotten that after washing her own clothes for  20+ yrs.  He didn't know.  The stress, anxiety and moodiness are traits we see in people with brain injury.  Ok, I know that.  But she doesn't fall into the 'brain injury' dept.  Being born with brain injury is the same thing?  No answer from the doctor.

The labs he did came back normal.  He said 3 times that after the neuro-phyc testing is completed we should see a psychiatrist and get Lyn on a low dose of anti-depressant.  That is NOT going to happen because I really don't believe that's the route we need to go."

Neither Mom nor Lyn want to see this doctor again.  He is not listening or taking her symptoms or skill changes seriously because he believes she's too young to have dementia.


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