The Casino Man

Sometimes, my sister and her respite care provider take a trip out to one of the casinos to spend a few hours there.  Lyn enjoys playing the slots and considers any win a good win.  It doesn't matter if she wins $0.05 or $2.00.  She's got the lingo down pat.  She can tell you about "cashing out" as well having to get all three images to match on the slot machine.  Lyn's respite provider is back.  So, off they went to the casino for an afternoon.

While playing, she said a man she knew came over to say "Hi."  She said it was a long time since she saw him.  Mom asked who it was and she looked puzzled.   She didn't remember his name.  Mom asked who recognized who.  She was "feeding her machine" when he came over.  He asked how Mom was and to tell Mom he said "Hi."  Lyn still couldn't remember his name.  Mom dropped the topic to keep her from getting upset.

A couple of hours later, Lyn said "Remember the man who used to be at Church where Grandma went?"  Mom put two and two together at that point.  A man at a casino who also went to Grandma's church could only have been the former priest, Father T.  Father T enjoys a good game of poker and was known to take his mother to Vegas each year.  "Yes, that's who it was" she said and was excited.  

Lyn has known Father T for over 20 years.  She knew his name two weeks ago when she asked Mom a question about him.  She's now beginning to struggle with names.

About all this, Mom says, "I can't say if she's really failing this fast or if I'm being overly cautious."  I figure we'll just document it now to see if there is a pattern.


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