Brain Anatomy

Previously, I've provided a link to The Whole Brain Atlas as just an Additional Information Source.  Today, I want to call a bit more attention to it as a resource.

The Whole Brain Atlas is provided by Keith A. Johnson, M.D. and J. Alex Becker, Ph.D. at the Harvard Medical School.  The atlas provides many different images of the brain and various conditions which impact the brain.  The primer explains some terms and the second page provides some very clear examples of what a doctor looks for in the brain images they review.  Wonder what a brain bleed looks like?  Check out their example.  They even have 3-D models for you to peruse.

Another great resource for viewing brain anatomy is found at Wayne State University's Radiologic Anatomy Brain Module.  What I like about this site is that you can pick one of their three views of the brain and see a number of MRI scans for that specific view.  On each image, you'll find numbers which correspond to an anatomy explanation to the right of the image at which you're looking.

What I liked about both of these sites is that they took images which are pretty obscure to someone who is not a medical professional and explain what is in the image.  While these two sites are clearly designed for the medical student as a teaching tool, I found them very helpful for my own understanding.

If you need to understand brain anatomy a bit better, I'd start with either of these.


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