Ride A Little Horsey

In late 1972, my parents were transferred from Italy to Alabama.  They were back in the U.S. for good.  They were again able to take leave to visit our grandparents in New Mexico.  Grandpa was over the moon.

Each night of this visit, he and Lyn would stay up late and play until Grandpa was just too exhausted to go on.  He was used to going to bed at 7:30.  He definitely was not used to keeping up with her.  Grandpa introduced Lyn to a classic nursery rhyme:

Ride a little horsey way down town.
Do pray, Little Girl, don't fall down!

He would bounce her until his legs were ready to fall off.  She would keep climbing up after each "down" to get him to do it again.  Neither apparently knew when to stop and needed intervention to get to bed.

Sometimes, she didn't get very far.


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