Neuro-Psych Eval Session 3

Lyn had her third and final neuro-psych evaluation session on Friday.  She, once again, worked very hard and stuck with it.  She did better than Mom expected.  After the session was over, Lyn was asked to allow Mom to speak with the clinician privately.

In about two weeks, Mom will receive the written analysis of the evaluation.  In the meantime, the clinician wanted to share a few outcomes of the testing with Mom:

1. Lyn was delightful for the clinician to work with.

2. Her IQ is still about 61.  There's currently no measurable change in that score.

3. The clinician cannot give diagnosis of dementia because Lyn still engages in conversation with you and responds to questions. The clinician explained that clients usually come after their dementia has progressed to the point where they cannot engage and sit staring into space instead.  Even then, they may not be able to be properly tested because they may still remember things learned over the course of their lifetime which are still accessible to their long-term memory.  There is no real test for dementia.  However, the results of the evaluation can serve as a valid baseline for the next two years.  In the future, they can have another evaluation done for comparison.  

4. Lyn is not depressed.  The clinician disagrees with the neurologist and advises to not put Lyn on any anti-anxiety medications.

5. Lyn does not have behavioral problems.

The clinician confirmed that what Mom and Lyn's team are seeing is correct.  At this early stage of the changes, she encouraged Mom to be aware of the changes so that she can catch it when more occur.  Mom feels that her observations have been validated.


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