Today, you get two sets of scores!

Lyn had her normal Thursday bowling practice.  Then, yesterday, she had the Special Olympics Area Games bowling competition.  This competition determines if her scores are good enough to compete at the State level again this year.

The second game was a 152!  That was enough to win her a blue ribbon and put her in the State games.  Good job, Lyn!

The New Mexico State Special Olympics has gotten so big that they have divided the competition into two Regional games.  The Regionals, what I had been calling State, will be on October 29.  This is almost a month earlier than it has been historically.

This year's Area Games were held at the Santa Ana Star Casino.  It is a very nice facility which has hosted the Area Games previously.  It has 36 lanes and the facility really bends over backwards to accommodate the special needs of the athletes.  State games were usually held in Las Cruces.  If I understood Lyn correctly, then the newly divided Regionals will happen in Las Cruces and at Santa Ana Star Casino.  This will be much easier on Lyn since it won't be an over night, bus expedition.  Instead, she'll have a short drive to the casino and then be able to sleep in her own bed.

As a side note, the guy who paid for the two weeks of bowling in September has paid for the bowling for a week in October.  He also keeps asking to take all the athletes to the movies as well.  Lyn's respite provider has some pretty serious concerns about him.  His first gift was kind and generous.  His behavior towards Lyn since and his continued financial involvement is very odd.  If a trip to the movies occurs, Lyn won't go.  She doesn't like going to movie theaters anyway.  She finds them too loud.


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