Tackling a Project

For some time, Mom has been thinking of cleaning and finishing her garage.  While she does store some stuff in her garage, by most American standards it is virtually spartan.  Can you imagine?  She actually puts her car in the garage daily and you have plenty of room to open all the car doors.  Shocking!  Then again, she drives a normal sized car and not an oversized vehicle like a truck or SUV.

This summer, she planned to tackle the project.  The, Lyn's diagnosis was issued and it threw everything for a loop.  The garage project fell to the wayside, understandably.

Mom and Lyn have had several months now to begin settling into their new normal.  They've had time to begin processing the changes which are underway.  They've definitely come to accept the reality of Lyn's dementia and they've started to look beyond the diagnosis and notice what else is out there.  So it was that earlier this week, Mom realized the garage needed cleaning and finishing again.

There were a number of things left over from their community yard sale sitting in the garage.  They loaded the items up and delivered them to Goodwill.  It was more than they anticipated. 

They started with the wall separating the garage and the house.  They pulled everything away from the wall, swept and started painting.  Mom gave Lyn a roller and showed her where she was to paint.  They worked together and finished the wall in good time.  Lyn was starting to show some fatigue so after the first wall, they wrapped up for the day.  
Lyn kept at it and was a big help to Mom.  Mom says Lyn worked hard and enjoyed what they were doing.  


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