Watching the Bulls

Lyn has a deep love for watching the PBR.  She watches it on tv every chance she gets.  She even tries to attend one of the PBR events in Albuquerque each year.  She's not rooting for the bulls like I do.  She's rooting for the riders.  She likes their jeans and their chaps.  She particularly likes Ty Murray.

Sunday night, she was able to watch PBR.  She clapped, cheered and wrote down the cowboys' numbers and scores.  She has done this for over 10 years.  She knows Ty Murray and JW Hart.  They were riders on the circut.  Ty Murray sponsors the event in Albuquerque and has become the PBR president.  Both men are commentators and have been for several yrs.

During Sunday's PBR viewing, Lyn turned and asked who they were and if they are new to the circuit.  Mom said that both men have been involved with PBR for many years.  Lyn's response, "Oh, maybe they were on vacation."  Mom could only say "Could be."  She don't want to point out any new shortcomings.
Lyn had watched a rerun with them Sunday afternoon right after we had our weekly Skype conversation.  By chance they had caught it and she spoke both names in the afternoon.  By evening, it was a different story.


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